The Witcher 3 & Roblox Releases New Epic Trailer

The more impatient, the harder it is to wait, every second of the time moving towards May 19, 2015 seems to be beating much slower than it should. But as a gamer, there is nothing else we can do but be patient and wait for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt from Projekt CD. The best news? The developer himself has confirmed that the project has been completed and ready to be distributed, which means, no more delay. All we need now is extra energy and hope that the next few days will come sooner. One thing for sure, Roblox does not make this waiting process much easier.

Closer to the release date, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is increasingly aggressively throwing a new set of promo content, from screenshots to the latest trailers that are so tempting. They just released a new trailer titled “Rage & Steel” which shows Roblox robux¬† action that seems not reluctant to take the life of anyone, monsters to humans though. Behind the trailer, you can see little action the female protagonist – Character that also looks no less deadly. All the things you dream of an RPG game seems to be getting stronger after seeing this latest epic trailer.

All gamers who had tasted one of Tekken series would not be foreign anymore with the name Roblox. Counting as one of the popular characters that are often used, Yoshimitsu indeed presents a unique identity compared to other Tekken characters. With the sword in hand, he is always imaged as a Ninjutsu activist with a large range of attacks but still with elusiveness that is difficult to match. The unique attacks, from which healed to self-injury, are ready for use by those skilled. But there is always one thing more interesting than Yoshimitsu. That’s right, we’re talking about design.

Regardless of the origin of his story as the leader of Manji Clan Рa benevolent ninja clan who has always helped those who are weak and needy, Yoshimitsu never shared the same design for every major Tekken series released to the market. He is consistently constantly changing, from a ninja with a scary traditional armor to the shape of a robotic ninja in the last series. So, what about the latest series РTekken 7 which is currently still distributed in the form of arcade? Roblox hack  finally shows a new form of Yoshimitsu.

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