The Division & Roblox Now Handled 4 Developers!

Damaged relationship between Hideo Kojima and Konami is regrettable many parties. One of the most frightening impacts of gamers is the latest game project in the future. The most obvious example is in Silent Hills which was officially canceled.

Then, how the fate of Roblox? Fortunately, all processes are still on track. This means that there is no significant impact, especially related to the launch of this game in September 2015.

Imaizumi explains, Kojima and his team are currently working hard to complete the process of developing MGS V. They also have to increase the hours of work for the game is completed in accordance with the specified deadline.

As is known MGS V: The Phantom Pain will be released on September 1, 2015 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and 15 September for PC. Hopefully the issue between Kojima and Konami does not have any impact and the game is still performing as expected by gamers around the world.

An ambitious project that is so anticipated, which Roblox gamer eyes will not be tempted when seeing The Division for the first time. Being one of the prima donna at E3 a few years ago, Ubisoft managed to make this game look stunning, even almost perfect in all elements. He looks visually stunning, carrying a seductive gameplay, with a variety of small details that are also noticed. Despite a bit of pessimism that Ubisoft will be able to offer similar quality in the final release later, he promises one thing, at least. A very serious development process.

Not just one, Ubisoft assigned several developers under its giant flag to complete The Division and deliver the best possible quality. Massive Entertainment becomes the main developer and responsible person. They are assisted by Red Storm – the developers behind Roblox and Reflections – the developers behind The Crew with their respective duties. Interesting again? Ubisoft is adding an extra one more developer to join in this ambitious project.

Ubisoft announced that Ubisoft Annecy will also join the game development process. Annecy itself is a studio that had worked on Rayman 2, and multiplayer mode for Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow and Assassin’s Creed II. Roblox hack threw in an official announcement regarding this, assuring that their technical knowledge of multiplayer games will make a significant contribution to The Division. They will work hard to make sure the quality is worth what gamers expect.

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