GTA V PC Version Start Get Visual Modes

Mod is the vein for the gaming community on PC, an undeniable fact. Not only does it offer the opportunity to enjoy the game in the best visual quality, the PC also enables a different playing experience thanks to the concept of this mod. It’s community dedication that will improve, refine, and deliver new content. The result? We find many games that still exist and popular regardless of age that is no longer “young”. One of the most obvious examples? GTA IV PC version of Rockstar. Now, with the latest series – GTA  5 money generator just released some time ago, the focus of the modder began to move.

You who have followed the world of modding certainly no stranger to the visual mod called iCEnhancer for GTA IV which makes the game in 2008 is still appear relevant in the battle of the latest generation of games today. Now, the mod concoction of Keylany Hayssam is finally starting to arrive on the PC! An early prototype was released along with a video showing what kind of visual differences it carries. The initial version of iCEnhancer GTA V reduces the number of fogs, creates a blur effect on the background, changes the color of the sun, and some new effects for the characters. Of course, as an early version, this mod has not looked significant.

As we know, Rockstar itself has confirmed that the mod for GTA V single player is still allowed. Only mod which gives its own advantages GTA Online profit is to be punished by tire. Departing from this statement, iCEnhancer itself is certainly not a dangerous visual mod.

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