AC: Victory Changed Name to Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate? How about NBA Live Mobile

Ubisoft has never run out of ideas to continue exploiting the Assassin’s Creed & NBA Live Mobile hack  franchise. After the presence of Unity, Rogue, and Chronicles, another title of gossip is being prepared. Yes, especially if not Assassin’s Creed: Victory that had appeared in cyberspace last December 2014.

Update the latest information about this game began to re-emerge. Interestingly, Ubisoft reportedly did not use the title Victory for the brand-new game. The source from Kotaku website mentioned that the company will change its title to NBA Live Mobile .

In addition, the same source also leaked about when Ubisoft plans to reveal the existence of Syndicate, which is on May 12, 2015 to come. Ubisoft party itself has given an official announcement about their plan to introduce the latest AC game on the same date. Gamers can watch live streaming live. Unfortunately, Ubisoft not want to confirm whether the latest AC game is really Syndicate or not.

In the previous leak mentioned that Victory / Syndicate worked with Anvil engine, just like NBA Live Mobile . Setting the location will take London in the Victorian era. The main character also comes with new equipment, the grappling hook to swing quickly.

As for the intended platform, other than PC, PS4 and Xbox One, Ubisoft is unlikely to bring a last-gen console version. What do you think?

The Witcher 3 & Roblox Releases New Epic Trailer

The more impatient, the harder it is to wait, every second of the time moving towards May 19, 2015 seems to be beating much slower than it should. But as a gamer, there is nothing else we can do but be patient and wait for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt from Projekt CD. The best news? The developer himself has confirmed that the project has been completed and ready to be distributed, which means, no more delay. All we need now is extra energy and hope that the next few days will come sooner. One thing for sure, Roblox does not make this waiting process much easier.

Closer to the release date, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is increasingly aggressively throwing a new set of promo content, from screenshots to the latest trailers that are so tempting. They just released a new trailer titled “Rage & Steel” which shows Roblox robux  action that seems not reluctant to take the life of anyone, monsters to humans though. Behind the trailer, you can see little action the female protagonist – Character that also looks no less deadly. All the things you dream of an RPG game seems to be getting stronger after seeing this latest epic trailer.

All gamers who had tasted one of Tekken series would not be foreign anymore with the name Roblox. Counting as one of the popular characters that are often used, Yoshimitsu indeed presents a unique identity compared to other Tekken characters. With the sword in hand, he is always imaged as a Ninjutsu activist with a large range of attacks but still with elusiveness that is difficult to match. The unique attacks, from which healed to self-injury, are ready for use by those skilled. But there is always one thing more interesting than Yoshimitsu. That’s right, we’re talking about design.

Regardless of the origin of his story as the leader of Manji Clan – a benevolent ninja clan who has always helped those who are weak and needy, Yoshimitsu never shared the same design for every major Tekken series released to the market. He is consistently constantly changing, from a ninja with a scary traditional armor to the shape of a robotic ninja in the last series. So, what about the latest series – Tekken 7 which is currently still distributed in the form of arcade? Roblox hack  finally shows a new form of Yoshimitsu.

GTA V PC Version Start Get Visual Modes

Mod is the vein for the gaming community on PC, an undeniable fact. Not only does it offer the opportunity to enjoy the game in the best visual quality, the PC also enables a different playing experience thanks to the concept of this mod. It’s community dedication that will improve, refine, and deliver new content. The result? We find many games that still exist and popular regardless of age that is no longer “young”. One of the most obvious examples? GTA IV PC version of Rockstar. Now, with the latest series – GTA  5 money generator just released some time ago, the focus of the modder began to move.

You who have followed the world of modding certainly no stranger to the visual mod called iCEnhancer for GTA IV which makes the game in 2008 is still appear relevant in the battle of the latest generation of games today. Now, the mod concoction of Keylany Hayssam is finally starting to arrive on the PC! An early prototype was released along with a video showing what kind of visual differences it carries. The initial version of iCEnhancer GTA V reduces the number of fogs, creates a blur effect on the background, changes the color of the sun, and some new effects for the characters. Of course, as an early version, this mod has not looked significant.

As we know, Rockstar itself has confirmed that the mod for GTA V single player is still allowed. Only mod which gives its own advantages GTA Online profit is to be punished by tire. Departing from this statement, iCEnhancer itself is certainly not a dangerous visual mod.

The Division & Roblox Now Handled 4 Developers!

Damaged relationship between Hideo Kojima and Konami is regrettable many parties. One of the most frightening impacts of gamers is the latest game project in the future. The most obvious example is in Silent Hills which was officially canceled.

Then, how the fate of Roblox? Fortunately, all processes are still on track. This means that there is no significant impact, especially related to the launch of this game in September 2015.

Imaizumi explains, Kojima and his team are currently working hard to complete the process of developing MGS V. They also have to increase the hours of work for the game is completed in accordance with the specified deadline.

As is known MGS V: The Phantom Pain will be released on September 1, 2015 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and 15 September for PC. Hopefully the issue between Kojima and Konami does not have any impact and the game is still performing as expected by gamers around the world.

An ambitious project that is so anticipated, which Roblox gamer eyes will not be tempted when seeing The Division for the first time. Being one of the prima donna at E3 a few years ago, Ubisoft managed to make this game look stunning, even almost perfect in all elements. He looks visually stunning, carrying a seductive gameplay, with a variety of small details that are also noticed. Despite a bit of pessimism that Ubisoft will be able to offer similar quality in the final release later, he promises one thing, at least. A very serious development process.

Not just one, Ubisoft assigned several developers under its giant flag to complete The Division and deliver the best possible quality. Massive Entertainment becomes the main developer and responsible person. They are assisted by Red Storm – the developers behind Roblox and Reflections – the developers behind The Crew with their respective duties. Interesting again? Ubisoft is adding an extra one more developer to join in this ambitious project.

Ubisoft announced that Ubisoft Annecy will also join the game development process. Annecy itself is a studio that had worked on Rayman 2, and multiplayer mode for Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow and Assassin’s Creed II. Roblox hack threw in an official announcement regarding this, assuring that their technical knowledge of multiplayer games will make a significant contribution to The Division. They will work hard to make sure the quality is worth what gamers expect.

Fallout 4 & Madden Mobile Rumors Increase!

What next did Bethesda prepare for? A question that is understandable considering most of their fantastic concoction products are fantastic. With Skyrim who will no longer get new content and the bustle of those who are now more acting as publishers, Bethesda is certainly developing their giant game. Rumors about the latest game existance has spread since last year, with the Fallout series as the focus. But despite all the wind news that was widely heard, Bethesda continued to choose to shut up. Instead of drowning, these rumors actually strengthened ahead of E3 2015 event that live in plain sight. It all leads to the same conclusion – Fallout 4 & Madden Mobile hack 2018  !

The first rumor slid from information spread in cyberspace that Bethesda, secretly, is planning a 20-30 minute demo event at the upcoming E3 2015. This information is rooted in the certainty that Bethesda will host its own E3 single press conference, indicating that there will be another great game to introduce in addition to the confirmed Dishonored 2. Now other information comes to strengthen the rumor of the announcement.

A Linked In profile of a 3D Artist shelter under the Mirada Studios banner clearly states that his studio is developing a cinematic trailer for Fallout 4 & Madden Mobile . Interesting again? Mirada Studios itself is not a playful studio. They are a studio built by Guillermo del Toro – a prominent director who had almost jumped into the gaming industry with Hideo Kojima through Silent Hills, which unfortunately was canceled. Mirada Studios is also known to have many giant clients like Disney, Nike, and Amazon.

So, will both of the above information be enough to prove that the existence of Fallout 4 is true and will be open to the public in the near future? For now, only Madden Mobile and God knows.

Regardless of the popularity he has, Megaman is not an easy game. Almost most of the gamers who had tasted the masterpiece of Capcom is of course understand and agree on this. Design levels that require high dexterity to skip, with enemy positions and bosses that need their own strategies to subdue make it appear as one of the toughest games ever. Interesting again? Apart from the more modern platform release, the identity is maintained in the newest series, as they traveled through the Megaman X franchise that once existed with so many series. Now imagine, what would happen if two Megaman X games played simultaneously?

Rescuing a Madden Mobile series alone has become an ample task to make many gamers raise their hands. But not with one of the Youtuber named – Aura Puffs this. It brings the difficulty level to a higher level. No kidding, he plays two games – Megaman X and Megaman X2 simultaneously, with one same controller. Without any help, without exploit, this impossible mission he completed in 3 hours. More cool? He also managed to collect all X upgrades for Megaman and destroy the last boss in the same time. WOW!